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Instructions for Participants: Workshop on July 28, 2020
Please don't join the workshop before 9:30 AM EST.   Both camera and microphone have been disabled for participants.
This is listen only workshop.  Please type your question in the chat window.

Please follow the instructions below to join the workshop:

FOR registered attendees only

Teleconference Phone Number: 866-216-6835

Teleconference Passcode: Please check your registration email 

Web Conference Room URL

FOR waiting list only : 

Web Conference Room URL

Teleconference: Please use computer audio by activating volume button at the top of Adobe Connect window

Please read this e-mail in its entirety today.

Make sure that you have the necessary Flash Player installed on your computer. To test your machine, select this link:

* This may require the help of your IT support person if Flash needs to be installed. *

1. 15 minutes prior to the Web conference start time, select the "Link to join the Web conference" URL listed above.
2. On the Adobe sign-in page, select the log in as a GUEST option. (Please DO NOT use a Login ID and password.)
3. Type in your FIRST and LAST name in the field marked "GUEST", then select the button that reads "Enter Room".
4. In order to access the AUDIO portion of the program, turn on the speaker volume from your computer or handheld device.  You’ll be on “listen only” mode for this webinar.
TUTORIAL: How to join a Web conference -

TUTORIAL: Brief tutorial on Web Conference Participation Tips -

We are committed to providing equal access to this online event for all participants. If you need alternative formats or other reasonable accommodations, please reply to this email with your request no later than 72 hours prior to the start time of your event.


We look forward to your participation!  
The Information Services Team
This is automated e-mail. Please do not reply to it

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